Stocks Soar As Consumer Confidence Grows

By: Free World Economic Report

There has been a lot of confidence across the board since Donald Trump has been in office. The optimism among business and individuals with regards to job creation and economic growth has never been higher. A lot of anti-Trump media outlets will most definitely counter this claim. They will focus more on his Russian ties, Obamacare failure or his hair.

The conference board reports that consumer confidence index rose to a 16 year high of 125.6 from 116.1 in February. Most of the optimism comes from infrastructure spending and Trump’s promise to lower taxes for the middle class. The report was released before the Republicans were forced to ditch the Obamacare repeal. How this changes the outlook

The stocks sure gained momentum after the release of the report.

                            – The Dow is up +167.19 to 20,716.49

                             – NASDAQ  +42.40 to 5,883.17

                              -S&P 500 +18.38 to 2,360.08

                              -Oil is up 0.65 to 48.38

                             *As of 3:45 Eastern time.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Also to note the Dow Jones recovered after an eight day losing streak. According to Zero Hedge, gold has gone down to below $1,250 an ounce with bond yields rising above three percent. Other market news includes the 10 year treasury bonds have gone up to 2.39 per cent, GM shares rising 3.1 per cent to 35.80 as software company Red Hat gained 5.1 per cent to $86.36.

Its interesting to note how gold yet again is being pushed downward again. Any positive report by the major think tanks or wall street gurus will push stocks higher. The price of gold has struggled to break the $1,400 mark since 2013. Some believe the suppression of gold is keeping the US dollar propped up artificially to keep it going.

The rise in consumer confidence has the Fed dovish over two more rate hikes this year. If Janet Yellen announces a significant increase to even a just a percentage point or higher , this will cause the cost of borrowing to go up and the average person struggle with any mortgage or credit payments.  Even with a more positive outlook, the massive debt carried by government, corporations and individuals continues to grow.

A very interesting scenario plays out here. Will bankers and top government officials, opposed to Trump, continue to frustrate his plans for America’s economic recovery? After all the negative press and questionable polls many Americans do support Trump’s economic initiatives. There is reason to believe that everything is being played out for the banking elite to collapse the petrodollar and blame it on Trump.

The cracks continue to grow. Consumer confidence report is just another distraction from the massive debt bomb.

Why would they do such a thing? The entire debt infrastructure is cracking. There is massive derivatives time bomb globally and the confidence in the  petrodollar is waning. Donald Trump’s patriotic stance and his desire to re-industrialize America goes against the banking cabal’s desire for a globalist government.

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