Kremlin Wants Apology from Fox News for Putin ‘Killer’ Comment

The Kremlin wants Fox News to apologize for a comment journalist Bill O’Reilly made about Russian President Vladimir Putin during an interview Sunday with U.S. President Donald Trump. O’Reilly called Putin “a killer” after Trump said he respected the Russian leader. “We consider such words from a Fox News correspondent unacceptable and insulting, and honestly speaking,…

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2 Thoughts to “Kremlin Wants Apology from Fox News for Putin ‘Killer’ Comment”

  1. Rastislav Veľká Morava

    According to the USA and O’ Reilly, is Xi Jinping a killer as well?

    After all, he is officially the UNELECTED LEADER of the Largest and most populated Communist Country on Earth.

    Or is that a no, and we don’t talk about that because China is part and parcel of our Globalist System?
    And without China’s Slave Wage Labour, our obscene profiteering would be reduced?

    The real war is with SOROS (Rothschild Front Man), Globalist Multi-National Corporations and Banks!

    1. Free World Economic Report

      Welcome to the Forum Ratislav!

      I agree with you. The banking cabal is really behind all this media hysteria out here in the west with regards to your country. It looks like it started when Russia kicked out the Rothschild-Soros NGO’s which started this whole charade.

      Thanks for checking out the site! I will be adding more new content in the coming weeks as this site continues to grow, in addition to publishing the current mainstream news articles.

      All the Best
      Free World Economic Report

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