Brexit bill backed by British parliament.

After three days of debate and the scrutiny of over 140 pages of amendments the British Parliament has passed The European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill. Ayes: 494 Noes: 122 Majority: 372 Leave means leave!! Now onto rough seas in the House of Lords!! #BrexitBill #Brexit #democracyprevails 🇬🇧×8S— Cllr Joe Porter 🇬🇧 (@cllrjoeporter) February 8,…

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2 Thoughts to “Brexit bill backed by British parliament.”

  1. Rastislav Veľká Morava

    It will be Brexit, and then Frexit and maybe Grexit in between, God Willing….

    1. Free World Economic Report

      The EU is doing damage to itself by printing money out of thin air to service all its debt. The banks are no longer solvent and have to be bailed out or nationalized. I suspect Italy may be the first to bail the EU. We’ll see.

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