Amid Economic Slowdown, China Faces Challenge of Creating Quality Jobs

The Chinese government says it intends to create 50 million new urban jobs by 2020 and cap unemployment at five percent. But analysts say that while 10 million jobs a year shouldn’t be difficult, creating good jobs with satisfying income growth in a slowing economy will be challenging. And keeping unemployment down will be hard as…

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One Thought to “Amid Economic Slowdown, China Faces Challenge of Creating Quality Jobs”

  1. Rastislav Veľká Morava


    China is one huge debt bubble waiting to explode or implode depending on your point of view or situation.
    Massive capital outflows are bleeding out China.
    Today in China they have shut down Bitcoin exchanges, basically the last medium used to get the money out.
    China is more or less a one trick pony, providing Slave Wage Labour for Globalist Multi Nationals to reap massive profits.
    China is an integrated part and parcel of the Anglo-Zionist Globalist Economic Scheme.

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